At RAVINE we firmly believe that economic growth should go hand in hand with environmental and socioeconomic impact. That’s why we work closely with everyone in our value chain to make our planet a better place for all living beings. We want to be part of creating a world that’s both environmentally secure and economically prosperous for generations to come.

Buy directly from farmers

We buy directly from farmers to create a positive impact on their lives by paying them a decent price.

Promote sustainability

By supporting with finance we help farmers to create sustainable businesses for future generations.

Empower with knowledge

Knowledge gives people power, so we continually help our people learn and grow through training.

Value the livelihood

We do spend a portion of our profits to increase the standard of the livelihood of our farmers.

No child labour

We strongly believe that every child needs security, stability, love, and proper education.

Profits disclosed openly

We are open, fair and transparent with our people on all aspects of the business.

Towards Community

We strongly believe in the well-being of our stakeholders, community, and environment as our core concerns. As a responsible entity and one of the leading cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka to the export market, we have initiated several CSR projects to uplift the living condition of community members and make a positive impact on society and the environment.

CSR Projects by RAVINEZ


Finger millet is a super-grain packed with nutrients and low in calories. Despite this, the regular consumption of finger millet has restricted because of the limited availability of finger millet-incorporated products is limited in local as well as international markets. JFS has established a R & D unit to innovate new products and processes to improve the consumption of finger millet globally.

The main finger millet product in the market is coarse-grade finger millet flour. JFS’s R & D unit observes that coarse-grade finger millet flour is not performed well when preparing authentic Sri Lankan finger millet-based products such as porridge and Thalapa. We have introduced fine-grade finger millet flour which has a smaller particle size and is suitable for smooth-textured products like porridge, Thalapa, and string hoppers. Local consumers would be incorporated finger millet flour into rice flour when preparing string hoppers. JFS’s R & D unit has tried to increase the convenience consumption of such a product by introducing Kurakkan mixed String Hopper Flour into the market. Finger millet flour is commonly available in the market in 400g packs. As a result of the current economic crisis, consumers’ buying power is lower and they are looking for affordable products. JFS has introduced a 250g handy finger millet flour pack for both coarse-grade and fine-grade flour in a reasonable price.